Good News! Shenzhen Youyang Technology Co., Ltd. obtained BSCI certification

Good News! Shenzhen Youyang Technology Co., Ltd. obtained BSCI certification

As a national high-tech enterprise, ,Youyang has been focusing on the layout of overseas markets while stabilizing the domestic market since its establishment. It has achieved a good results in recent years. Recently, Shenzhen Youyang Technology Co., Ltd. formally obtained the BSCI international certification. This certification affirms the efforts of Youyang to have the social responsibility, respect and protection of employees’ human rights internalize in the heart and externalize in the form. The company takes "healthy green lighting" as its mission, and strives to bring a "green, environmentally friendly, energy-saving" healthy lighting environment that can truly replace traditional light sources. With export experience and international quality requirements, we will focus on in-depth research of LED health lighting, create an excellent outdoor lighting brand, serve consumers at home and abroad.



About BSCI

BSCI-the full name is Business Social Compliance Initiative, BSCI is an organization that advocates business compliance with social responsibility. it’s a recognized, extensive and uniform social responsibility certification in Europe which is initiated by the European Foreign Trade aims to implement a set of unified procedures to monitor and promote the social responsibility performance of companies that produce related products through continuous improvement of development policies.The scope of certification includes: Management practices, documentary evidence, working hours, remuneration, child labor / juvenile labor, forced labor / punitive measures / prisoner labor, freedom of association / freedom of collective bargaining, discrimination, working conditions, health and society, facility occupational safety and hygiene, dormitories, Environmental and other aspects have carried out a full-scale audit of our company.


The acquisition of the BSCI international certification not only further improved our company’s management system, but also once again proved to customers that Youyang has a strong ability to fulfill the requirements of customers. Meanwhile, it is also a lubricant for the company's in-depth cooperation with international brands & retailers.  By reducing audit procedures and saving costs, foreign customers will obtain better products at lower prices , which also lays a solid foundation for Youyang to enter the European & American markets.

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