LUXCEO 2021 Shanghai P&I Exhibition ended successfully!

LUXCEO 2021 Shanghai P&I Exhibition ended successfully!

In the 10th July 2021, the 23rd Shanghai International Photographic Equipment & Digital Imaging Exhibition (2021 China P&I) ended successfully. Looking back the three busy and fulfilling days, the crowd still seemed to be full of voices, and there was an endless stream of exhibitors. During the exhibition, LUXCEO independent R& D, design, and production of LED photography lights won the attention of many customers and partners.

During the exhibition, merchants gathered


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This time, LUXCEO brought many sets of lighting equipment such as the newest models of LED photography lights P200 and P8 to a strong debut, which attracted the attention of many audiences on the spot. Because of their highly creative design, excellent performance and high cost-effective, loved by the audience !

New and old customers come in a continuous stream

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In the process of understanding LUXCEO photography lithts,customers said that LUXCEO photography lights have a high standard of light efficiency with "High CRI Ra>95, TLCI99", the "RGB full-color fill light" and the "IP68 waterproof technology" which applied in the new series of products, and the three control methods"button control on the light, remote control, APP intelligent control" design are all the highlights of LUXCEO brand lighting.Customers expressed their expectations for the prospect of cooperation with LUXCEO.

Over the years,LUXCEO use strength to prove everything.We continue to introduce high-quality, cost-effective, and diversified lighting products,strive to provide suitable light sources for photographers and film & television workers.


Listen to the voice of the industry attentively

The three-day 2021 Shanghai P&I exhibition has ended, and LUXCEO LED photography lighting products are very popular among customers.

This exhibition not only allowed more customers to have a deeper understanding of LUXCEO's products and technologies, but also deepened our communication with customers. We had a better understanding of customer needs and resolved customer doubts.

We will continue to develop better photography lighting products to give back to customers!

Thanks for customer's support and trust! Welcome all customers to visit our company and take business.

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